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The EasyBrown ® product line from Advanced Food Systems ® delivers roasted flavor and caramel color for bakery, meat and vegetable applications, at a lower baking temperature. These systems speed food processing, increase product yields, and provide freeze-thaw stability.


EasyBrown® T#5 is Browning agent for bakery products, such as baked calzone crust, stuffed pocket crust, pie crust, etc. Will brown at a lower baking temperature (350º-375ºF) and provide sheen with a golden brown crust. It does not produce harsh odors and smoke during baking. EasyBrown® T#5 can be applied either as a spray or a dip.


EasyBrown® Onion Base T#10 is A proprietary ingredient system used to produce caramelized onions that will be frozen and then used in French Onion soups and other food products. This system creates caramelized onion flavor and color without extensive cooking, as well as flavor-textured onions with high cooked yield. EasyBrown® Onion Base can also be used with SeasonRite® French Onion Soup Base with various cooking methods.


A flavor system designed to facilitate the development of flavor and color of oven-baked roasted, caramelized vegetables. EasyBrown® RV also reduces shrinkage and provides freeze-thaw stability in cooked vegetables.

Turkey TMC

A food system designed to provide roasted golden color to the surface of meat and poultry upon baking. It is recommended to be used with SeasonRite® Marinade to enhance flavor and improve on cooked yield.

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