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Our Actogel™ Product Lines are Much More than Ordinary Stabilizers!

Actogel™ line of products are custom-designed cold water soluble stabilizer and texture systems for Sauce, Glaze, Vegetable, and Bakery Applications. They provide a broad range of texture, from high-viscosity to gel, across a wide range of processing conditions (frozen, cold, and heated). In addition to providing texture improvement, the Actogel™ products give additional significant benefits, such as the following:

Sauces/Glazes: When added to sauces or glazes, Actogel™ products make sauces more process-tolerant and stable. In addition, they provide bake and emulsion stability, help glaze adhere to raw or par-cooked items, and prevent glaze run-off during cooking. Actogel™ prevents freezer burn and prevents the glaze from sticking to packaging during storage and transport.

Bakery: The Actogel™ product line is an excellent choice for stabilizing and improving overall quality in bakery products. They prevent viscosity drop-off in bakery fillings as well as prevent syneresis in mousse-type products during storage and distribution. Actogel™ also stops moisture migration from fruit fillings into pie crust, prevents boil-out of filling during baking, and provides excellent texture in low-fat and non-fat desserts. Actogel™ is easily incorporated into high solid systems.

Vegetables: Actogel™ RP is specially formulated to minimize purge from peppers during retort and storage. It also improves texture of retorted peppers. AFS custom-develops these Actogel™ products for specific customer needs. We also ensure that all of the critical and functional ingredients are included in one convenient dry-blend. Our Actogel™ products can also meet specialized requirements such as all-natural, ‘clean-label”, and allergen-free.

For more information about our Actogel™ line or other products, please contact Technical Services at (800)787-3067.

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